“This fight is about far more than a ticket. This is about more than Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina. This fight is about all of us,” Cruz announced on April 27th, pulling Fiorina onto his Presidential ticket as his Vice-President nominee.

It looks to be a last grasp of hope, a day after Donald Trump swept Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, gaining over 30% more votes than his rivals. John Kasich placed second in every state except Pennsylvania, leaving Cruz dead last yesterday.

After announcing an anti-Trump pact Sunday, Ted Cruz and John Kasich hoped to block Trump from sweeping all the states. This proved to be an utter disaster.

The question remains, will the act of picking a VP nominee before the convention win Cruz Indiana; or will it also shatter to pieces, as the anti-Trump pact did?

Following yesterday’s elections, a 400 delegate gap formed between the two top candidates. Trump has 953 delegates, while Cruz only has 546. John Kasich, trailing even farther behind, has a mere 153. The Cruz campaign believes it is a strategic move to announce the Vice-Presidential running mate, as they hope to gain momentum in Indiana.  Indiana is a winner-take-all primary, with 57 delegates at state for the Republicans.

The announcement that Cruz would be pulling Fiorina onto the ticket was not a surprise. News that the Cruz campaign was vetting possible VP picks, including Fiorina, made news earlier this week. Fiorina endorsed Cruz in March, and has been helping his team campaign across the nation since.

The only female who ran as a Republican for the 2016 Presidency, Fiorina dropped out in February after disappointing results from the New Hampshire primary. From a desk secretary to CEO of HP, she climbed the corporate ladder to become the first female to head a Fortune 50 business. Fiorina, a female, who has never held public office, could pull some voters to vote for Cruz come Tuesday.

Cruz pointed out, “I will tell you when you run for President, one of the most solemn choices you make is selecting a Vice-President,” and then he endorsed Fiorina.  He argued, “Carly respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and she understands the threats facing America.”

Head over to cruzcarly.org, formally known as tedcruz.org, for the full introduction of Vice-Presidential hopeful, Carly Fiorina.