Once again, President Obama will not listen to the voice of the American people. This past week, Presiden Obama promised to veto the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

JASTA, which passed the Senate unanimously in 2014, strengthens laws that hold state sponsors of terrorism financially and criminally liable for acts committed on American soil. Now, as JASTA moves again through the Senate, it has an added amendment which would release 28 pages redacted from the 2002 9/11 Commission report. These pages specifically relate to Saudi Arabian involvement in the 9/11 attacks, and will help answer the important and long-unanswered question of why 15 of the 19 hijackers that killed 3,000 Americans were Saudi Arabian.

This bill not only provides Americans answers they deserve, but also discourages states from sponsoring horrific terrorist acts ever again. So why does Mr. Obama insist he will veto the bill?

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claims that, if JASTA becomes law, “It could put the United States, and our taxpayers, and our service members and our diplomats at significant risk, if other countries were to adopt a similar law.” Experts agree that this simply isn’t trueAmerican law already holds foreign states responsible for damages that occur on American soil, and there haven’t been repercussions abroad. In fact, in direct contradiction to Earnest’s allegations, the United States itself has been held liable in international courts, along with American officials.

The government of Saudi Arabia is obviously nervous about the possibility that the “28 pages” will be released. If JASTA becomes law, Saudi Arabia says it “will be forced to” dump $750 billion in US assets. Once the decider of OPEC oil production, the Saudis can no longer force Eastern countries to agree.

The Saudis seem to have forgotten:

  1. It is highly unlikely they hold that much in US assets. If they did attempt to dump these assets, it would also be catastrophic for their own economy. As with any asset, if one attempts to sell a large amount all at once, the price would plummet, and Saudis would sell at a significant discount.
  2. Due to continued low oil prices, the Saudi operating deficit is getting so large that, by dumping any assets, their economy would suffer far more than our own.  The Saudis have already attempted to force US oil producers into bankruptcy by dumping as much oil as possible on the market, and failed to scare off US oil production.

The President should show the same strength as US small scale oil producers, but he insists on putting Saudi Arabia first. He has been calling American congressmen and threatening them into voting no to JASTA. President Obama needs to stop letting foreign interests control American policy, and sign this important bipartisan legislation.