The left has done a great job of infiltrating almost every aspect of student life. A college campus is the guillotine to many conservative students’ ideology, as the pressure and need to conform is overwhelming. Steadfast conservatives are now the new counter-culture on campus.

One of the lesser known aspect of conservatives on campus is that their student appeal is growing every day. Leftism is so popular and common on campus, that it is now the status quo. The new establishment is not right-wing, but left-wing professors and administrators. A system that censors potentially offensive words, adopts explicitly leftist policy, and cuts funding to legitimate conservative groups is more closely related to a facist gestapo rather than a welcoming campus. Politically Correct culture is reaching its peak, both in society and on campus, which means the valley is soon approaching. If conservatives have any say in this, the valley is going to be a free-fall.

From chalking, rallies, and activism, conservatives are opening eyes and getting behind principles that are appealing to students who feel overwhelmed by the left. The homogenous and static education system available on campus is killing critical thinking by stopping any type of objectivism, and conservatives are growing in numbers.  Gallup Pollsa nationally accredited and relatively unbiased polling organization has analyzed students ideology on campus. The polls show that 78% of students believe colleges should strive to create open learning environments that expose students to all types of viewpoints, even if it means allowing speech that is offensive towards certain groups of people. This poll is just a numerical description of the greater trend happening on campus. The conservatives are coming, and the left is neither ready nor prepared for the title wave headed their way. Censorship has reached an all-time high, and students are fighting back with attorneys and the Constitution.

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

– Theodore Roosevelt

If a majority of students support openness in an environment that is extremely restrictive and controlling, then that means they are already taking steps toward the conservative side. If conservative groups on campus do a good job of gaining a broader base of fiscal and social conservatives, they will be able to overpower leftist administrators. The biggest challenge in academia is that the controllers are influencing students in a manner that ensures the leftist ideology is not questioned. This strategy has worked for quite some time, but it is reaching a point where it can not continue. Student groups are growing in popularity and scale, especially organizations that are able to capitalize on broader issues. Partisan groups, at least from personal experience, seem to be less appealing. According to a recent Young America’s Foundation (YAF) blog post, student protestors cause safety concerns when conservative speakers came to campus to talk on “controversial” issues. I would argue that these occurrences only strengthen the resolve of conservatives, and ignite a fire that is quickly spreading across the country. The left is attempting to use mob rule and force conservatives to stop organizing on campus, this is only helping the movement. Average students who see violent protestors and leftist extremists going haywire over these speeches will spark curiosity and interest.

A culture war is brewing on campus, and students are realizing that the real extremists are leftists, not conservatives. An article by “The Federalist” outlines the new “ground game” of conservative influence through media and advocacy. The tide is changing, and leftists on campus won’t know what hit them.  Individual freedom, American pride, and the ability to determine ones own destiny are ideas that will change the campus atmosphere. The silent majority is back, and it is stronger than ever on campus.