Politics shapes every society.  The relationship between the citizen and the government, the values of a given society, and other civics-minded questions are all important topics, and should be actively discussed.  However, there is also a world outside of politicking and debates, and this is a good thing.  Otherwise, we would drive ourselves crazy thinking about politics and politicians all the time.

However,  for the left, this cannot stand.  From sports, to religion, to science, everything must be politicized.

Sports used to be a temporary vacation from politics.  You would turn on ESPN to see who won last night’s baseball game, or catch up on the latest NFL injury news for your fantasy team.  However, sports is increasingly becoming another arm of the left, where sportscasters tell their viewing audience what their political views are–and perhaps what the audience’s views should be.

The politics of sportscasting seems to be a one-way street.  Former all star pitcher Curt Schilling was fired from ESPN for saying that a man should not be allowed into the women’s restroom.  This was a bridge too far for ESPN, who had previously suspended Schilling for comparing the number of Muslims who are extremists to the number of Germans who were Nazis.  Apparently, comparing groups such as ISIS, who have committed atrocities in the name of their ideology, to Nazis, who also committed atrocities in the name of their ideology, is a suspendable offense to ESPN. But comparing the Tea Party to ISIS–when the Tea Party hasn’t committed any sort of heinous crime–is fully acceptable discourse.

The politicization of sports is not reserved to the media.  The NFL threatened the state of Georgia over the ultimately doomed religious freedom bill.  The NBA has also threatened Charlotte over the much talked about bathroom law.

Sports is not alone: charitable giving should be simple, but the busy bodies in government cannot help themselves.  City after city is making it illegal to hand out food to homeless people without food handling permits.  The traditional summertime lemonade stand is another victim of excessive permits.

Faith, though more important than politics for many people, is now secondary to politics. According to the left, you must bake the cake or officiate the wedding you find in violation of God’s commands.  Hillary Clinton said that “religious beliefs and structural biases [surrounding abortion] have to be changed.”  You must do what is “tolerant,” because its 2016 and that’s simply what people should do. If you reject the state’s interference with your faith, it is you who are the bigot, sexist, or whatever other pejorative the left can come up with.

Another area that has been politicized is science.  The left claims to have a monopoly on science, but good luck trying to have one of these science lovers explain how someone with a Y chromosome can become a woman.  Just ask Bill Nye, the anti-First Amendment Guy, what he thinks.  Anybody who has been in a 5th Grade science class is taught to ask questions and follow the evidence where it leads.  But don’t question if this leads you to dissent from the global cooling global warming climate change doomsday narrative.  It would be interesting to see what percentage of climate scientists (not power hungry politicians, sensationalist headline writers, or environmental virtue-signalers) would still agree with the official narrative if someone took their grant money away.

Despite all of these trends, the truth is that not everything needs to be a political argument.  You should be able to watch a sporting event without having to worry about the politics of transgender bathrooms.  You should be able to help others without having to worry if you are breaking the law.  You should be able to follow God’s commands without the government or virtue signalers making your life miserable, and you should be able to make factual observations in science without being ostracized as a “denier.”

But as the power of government expands, things that should not be political have become political.  Whether or not this trend can be reversed remains to be seen.