Leftist censorship of conservatives is finally getting some much needed attention. Recently, Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulus, and Christina Hoff Sommers spoke at the University of Massachusetts. The original event was called “The Triggering”. It was intended to provide students with an educative forum and stand up comedy event with some of the internets most well known conservative speakers. The result of the actual event was mob censorship and androgynous amoebas spewing hate at people who were genuinely trying to promote discussion.  Campus Reform produced an article outlining the results of the event. Conservatives need to get tough, and learn from the best. Thanks to Milo, Steven, and Christina, students are more empowered to stand up to the left.

America is losing everything that defines it. Christianity is targeted, Islam is lifted on a pedestal, and everything that defines the USA is being ripped apart. From Muslim students creating anti-Israel walls at UC Irvine, The UMass Trigglypuff, and the failure of gender neutral bathrooms across the country. Progressivism is regressive, and it will ultimately result in a country brought to its knees through appeasement policy for groups that will steal the rights away from our citizens. Those leftists reading this will say my claim is absolutely ridiculous and thats fine, facts don’t care about their feelings. I am sick of hearing people disqualify logic and use victimhood to defend their arguments.

The facts rest in the halls of hell, also known as college. Leftism has embedded itself in every aspect of our student life, and has lived unopposed for far too long. The number of students that appeared at the University of Massachusettes “Triggering” was enough to show that conservatism is becoming the new counter-culture. The proof lies in the pudding, as social justice warriors (SJW’s) screamed for fear of the words coming out of the super villains on stage. While ignoring any type of well formulated response to their concerns, SJW’s yell “RACIST”, and “HOMOPHOBE”, at the top of their lungs. Steven Crowder reacted to the comments by leftists in his latest piece from “Louder With Crowder“. The SJW ignorance to logic and well reasoned arguments is what is killing our country’s universities. Submissive, non objective, and mentally disturbed leftists who cry victim every time someone points out their laziness and wastefulness is now commonplace on campus. Teddy Roosevelt’s words of wisdom are just as significant for conservative college students today, as it would have been anytime in our nations history.

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.

-Teddy Roosevelt

It’s up to conservative college students to lead the charge with intellect, facts, and logical reasoning. While we may be public enemy number one on campus, we are no longer silent, and we will not be silenced.