Donald Trump is now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. There, I said it. But politics aside, it is clear that Donald John Trump is a family man. So what do we know about Donald Trump’s family?

Donald Trump was born the fourth of five children, and will turn 70 in just over a month. His daughter, Ivanka Trump,  and son, Donald Trump Jr., are just two of his five children, and the two who appear most frequently along his side when making business decisions. Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump were all mothered by Ivana, the presidential hopeful’s first wife.

Sure, the Donald’s on his third marriage, but isn’t Trump really just married to his businesses? The man faces criticism from both the left and the right about his personal life. However, he has never been one to be shy about his lifestyle or worry about appearing politically correct.

Despite Trump’s own personal shortcomings, there is no denying that Trump’s children are bright and successful. Yes, their father has money and power. But we can all recognize “train-wreck” or “disappointment” individuals, whether in the public eye or not, that were spoiled by wealthy and successful parents. The Trump children are not disappointments. It would appear that Trump successfully instilled the values of hard work and strength in his own children, and that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. in particular have been extremely successful.

There’s no denying how stunning and well put together Ivanka Trump is. Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Zappos all carry pieces and collections from Ivanka’s own line of jewelry, accessories, apparel, and shoes. But the premise of Ivanka’s clothing lines goes far beyond the closets of shoppers. Her business has promoted a #WomenWhoWork hashtag, celebrating women and mothers who are not only stylish, but hardworking professionals. Additionally, rumor has it that Ivanka turned down a job offer with Vogue in 2009 in order to continue pursuing bigger real estate dreams before focusing on fashion.

Donald Jr. sports iconic hair just like his father, Donald Sr., but in a darker shade. He considers himself an avid outdoorsman, and bow hunts deer. He is fluent in Czech, the first language of his mother, Ivana. Donald Jr. studied finance and real estate at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, following in Donald Sr.’s footsteps. The oldest of the bunch, Donald Jr. was just 12 years old when his mother and father divorced. He now serves as the executive Vice President of The Trump Organization. Donald Jr. is also a father to five children, just as his father and grandfather were/are.

Next January, a new family with move into The White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If Donald Trump wins the election, his family–including grown children and grandchildren–won’t be making the move from New York to D.C., but will certainly still be a part of the first family.