“There’s a special place in hell for women not supporting Hillary” – Madeline Albright 

In case you don’t know her, Albright, 78, is a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and the first woman to become U.S. Secretary of State. Those two things are groundbreaking on their own. Yet, there’s no amount of awards, positions and accomplishments that gives one the authority to badger someone into voting for a candidate because of their gender.

The problem here isn’t that Albright attacked women who aren’t voting for Hillary. The problem is that Albright and others like her believe that being female is the single most important prerequisite for being elected in 2016, because it’s “time”.

I agree that the U.S. is ready for a female president. I believe that we have women who are as educated, experienced and as qualified to lead as any man in this country. What I don’t believe is that Hillary Clinton is the best we can do.

I’m a woman, and I believe that electing Hillary Clinton would be the single worst thing to happen to women and feminism in a very long time.

When you’re speaking about feminism, it’s important to establish clarity. Over time, this term has been distorted and misappropriated for ill-gotten gains. There are essentially three types of feminism. The first “wave ” is the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the second wave is the work that resulted in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 which continues on in the fight for equal pay even today. The third wave is often referred to as “campus feminism” which includes the people who take this new breed of feminism to an extreme and use political correctness as a weapon to demand special treatment rather than equality. This is also the group who pushes abortion as a “right” with little regard for the life of an unborn child, be it female or male. Third-wave feminists are the group I despise.

When we finally do elect a woman to be president, that will be monumental and historic. It will set an example to women and girls around the world that you can do anything a man can do. For that reason, it is essential that this woman is someone with integrity, class, and sound judgment. It shouldn’t be someone with a pending FBI investigation and a past marked with inconsistency and corruption. It shouldn’t be someone who changes her story based on who she thinks is listening.

Hillary Clinton embodies every negative stereotype society has created about women. That we are ruled by emotion, poor leaders, and incapable of interacting without using our gender as leverage or an excuse.

More than anything, electing Hillary Clinton because she is a woman and overlooking the glaring issues surrounding her as a candidate sends a message that as women, we aren’t smart or capable enough to do our research and choose the best candidate for the job, gender aside.

Electing Hillary in 2016 says that as women, Hillary Clinton is the best we have to offer, and that’s simply ridiculous.