It’s just past that time of the year again. American families have filed paperwork and made sure their money was sent to government bureaucrats to manage. The kitchen table becomes thinner than usual. That’s right, it’s tax season. Surely the large portion of your paycheck goes to government for a higher cause, right? Surely government spends your money effectively. Well, that’s not the case.

Most of government spending is on entitlements. Beyond entitlements, your money goes to fund the things you care most about. For example, remember when you were wondering what the relationship was between gravity and sheep? The federal government does, and they spent $1.2 million to find out. We also spent the same amount to build a life-sized Pacman. If you’re too cool for video games, you may be a hipster we gave $5 million to identified in order to help stop smoking. Additionally, big government seems to question if pizza is addictive. We spent nearly $1 million to find out if it was.

This may be enough to start drinking- but it’s not over yet. We gave $850,000 to minors to study alcohol in college and $1.3 million to government agencies to study beer koozies and their effect on the atmosphere. Where koozies are being studied, the company that makes your alcohol of choice may have been given $13,000 to $100,000 to install solar panels. While grants are given out like candy, bus companies were given $3 million to improve security and instead created party busses.

Perhaps you are an animal lover, and will appreciate the $899,000 we spent on studying if guppies suffer from peer pressure, the $1 million to study monkeys on treadmills, the $210,000 to create clothing for dogs, and the $700,000 we gave to create a shrimp fight club. Maybe you like the arts, and support the $20,000 we gave to create a piñata day, or the $60,000 we gave to create a zombie-themed play in the White House.

These are examples of how your money is funding projects that it shouldn’t. Even worse, your money is helping crony capitalism. For example, the reauthorization act in Congress to allow the Federal Aviation Administration to continue operating has $24 billion in subsidies for the renewable energy industry, despite being unpopular among Congressional Republicans, unpopular with economic freedom organizations, and against free markets operating naturally.

It’s time we as Americans should try and limit government spending, and make sure that we stop supporting government programs, grants, and spending that isn’t helping improve our society. If we could cut at least the $24,016,219,000+ listed above, we could work towards reducing taxes and restoring economic freedom across the nation. Parents would be able to put money back into their family first- one free of dependence on the federal government. Millennials could pay their student loan debt and save for retirement. Yet none of this can happen unless we work to stop government spending, and start fiscal responsibility.