The latest bout in America’s ongoing “fundamental transformation,” courtesy of our masters in D.C., is the coming of so-called “bathroom wars.” As transgender issues have become a bigger focus of debate, starting with Bruce Jenner’s self-mutilation and name-change to Caitlyn, we are faced with a set of unappealing ideas.

We are told that we must deny what seems a perfectly obvious thing: that you cannot change your biological sex.  As a John Hopkins psychiatrist has written, “Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men”  This is, of course, a different issue from whether a person feels comfortable as a different gender than what their biology reflects, but America seems unable to admit something so simple as scientific facts.

North Carolina recently passed into law a bill known as HB2, which requires all people in government buildings to use bathrooms affiliated with their biological sex. It also preserved the rights of private business owners to set their own rules for who can use which bathrooms on their premises.  Now, the state is the target of vicious attacks by business, CEOs, and entertainers. Its law, which seems reasonable enough, has been denounced. Salon writer Jack Mirkinson argued in March that the law is part of an “odious new movement to demonize and dehumanize queer people.”

Where is the evidence for this hatred? It cannot be the North Carolina law, which is meant to protect women and children from the real threat of so-called “transgenders” abusing bathrooms as a means to indulge sick fantasies. This threat cannot be dismissed: there have been many, many cases of sick men using pro-transgender bathroom policies to engage in peeping and video recording.

The Obama administration has now gotten involved. It began with the Department of Justice demanding that North Carolina rescind its law under the Civil Rights Act.  The state sued the Department of Justice in response to that demand, and the DOJ counter-sued.  that courts cThey began with a “Dear Colleague Letter” from the Department of Education to public schools across the country, which astonishes for its’ use of Orwellian language. “Gender identity,” we are told, “refers to an individual’s internal sense of gender,” even though the majority of people still talk and think about gender in biological terms.

Thankfully, our current government has made its own strategy transparent: it follows in the footsteps of past Leftists by making reality and its’ recognition illegal.

This kind of talk is part of a post-Left political vocabulary. Instead of seeking the total unity of “the people,” we speak in terms of “identity” and “orientation” which break us into pieces. Somehow, even in Israeli kibbutz communities–which have made some of the most aggressive attempts in history to achieve sexual equality–human sexual roles and biological drives are always present.

This attempt to ban human biology in the name of a social idea is rather like the attempt to ban the laws of economics. Human sexuality is grounded in the very nature of mankind as sexual, biological beings. It cannot be changed by surgery, therapy, or legislation. Governments can try the latter course, but all they’ll do is create a tyranny. And tyranny, no matter the garb of equality, inclusivity, and virtue placed upon it, remains an evil.

As Obama continues these last efforts of his to transform America, he butts up against something that no amount of letters, executive orders, and scolding can alter: the real world. This world of people, of biology, and of unbreakable truths is one which will remain long after Obama himself is tossed in the dustbin of history.