President Obama recently held the first ever White House Foster Care & Technology Hackathon on May 26th and 27th. The goal, according to the website, was to basically #HackFosterCare. Policy makers, legal experts, non-profit organizations and a ton of other people got together to discuss how to fix the foster care system. 

The event, according to a release from the White House, is a two-day event that will bring together “child welfare leaders, non-profit organizations, philanthropies, attorneys and foster care families and alumni, and as well as engineers, technologists and other leaders from the technology sectors” so they can discuss ways to improve the foster care system through the use of the newest technologies.

Some questions that the “hackathon” was meant to answer were along the lines of “How might we prevent unplanned pregnancy among foster youth?” and “how might we have constant families in the foster family pipeline?” And you know what, good for President Obama for taking initiative on this issue.

But, at the same time, this is not the government’s responsibility.

Working to answer a question like “how to prevent unplanned pregnancy among foster children” is not productive. Quite frankly, it’s a little invasive into a woman’s personal life. The only solution to that problem I can think of is requiring the foster care system to provide birth control. But then, will a female foster care child actually take the pill? How will the foster care system afford it?

I don’t believe in fighting for an unexpected child in the womb and forgetting about it once it’s born. If you are pro-life, you must fight for the well-being of that child. If a child ends up in the foster care system, then you fight to make sure that that child lives his or her life as normally as possible. You fight to make sure that child gets the fulfilling life that he or she deserves.

I understand that children can end up in the foster care system due to unfortunate circumstances. I understand that the foster care system needs a lot of improvement.  But it’s not big government’s job to fix it.  In all honesty, President Obama has no idea what life is like for a foster child living in Oregon or California. But you know who does? The community surrounding that foster child.

So leave it to the people to fight for that change.