Some conservatives are searching for a third party or alternate candidate.

Not willing to throw their support behind Donald trump or Hillary Clinton, they have looked elsewhere this year.

Enter the Libertarian Party, which held their party’s convention over Memorial Day weekend.  The Libertarian Party has worked hard to recruit anti-Trump conservatives this year, but at their convention they did what capital “L” Libertarians always do: make fools out of themselves.

The Libertarian Party nominated former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for the second cycle in a row. In a limited sample size, Johnson polls an average of 7.5% against Clinton and Trump.

When asked in a debate with other Libertarian candidates whether or not fighting in WWI and WWII was the right decision, his simple answer was, “I don’t know.”  Despite that answer, his appearance was one of the convention’s more sane ones.

Johnson was booed by the crowd when he didn’t oppose the existence of driver’s licenses, and also when he came out in favor of making it illegal to sell drugs to children.

The most embarrassing moment for Libertarians was when it came time to select a party chair.  One candidate took his opportunity to speak at the convention to perform a striptease.  Astute observers noted that the man had an iron cross tattoo on his shoulder.  The man later said that his performance was a dare and promptly dropped out of the race.

Americans are more open then ever for a third party.  But the antics and positions taken in Orlando will probably leave most anti-Trump conservatives looking for a fourth party. The Libertarian Party, as it currently stands, is not a serious contender.