California saw its fair share of campaign events this last week as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all made visits to the ‘Golden State’ for rallies and fundraisers. Trump brought his usually calamitous crowd with him to wreak havoc in Anaheim and San Diego.

Following his time in southern California, he moved up to the Central Valley to speak in Fresno, a major city in a largely rural area. The valley and its agriculturally driven economy have been the hardest hit in the state’s five-year plus drought. Yet, Trump doesn’t seem to think that nature is the California farmers’ real problem. No, indeed, he believes that the state government is mishandling the water and that it simply needs to be “opened up.” This is true, in part, as the environmental lobby has pushed for water diversions to protect endangered fish species.

In his speech at the rally, he claimed that he declared: “We’re going to solve your water problem…You have a water problem that is so insane. It is so ridiculous where they’re taking the water and shoving it out to sea.”  Well thank goodness that we have Trump to show us Californians the way; we never would have thought of that.

Even Bernie Sanders, also at a rally in California, quipped that “You see, we don’t fully appreciate the genius of Donald Trump, who knows more than all the people of California, knows more than all the scientists.” Naturally, Sanders went on to use this as a talking point against all Republicans on the issue of climate change. In a way, both Trump and Sanders seem to think that nature is something that man can control. If we just open the gates, the water will flow; or if we just recycle enough, everything will be okay.

Unfortunately, you cannot just make deals with nature. Like many of Trump’s platforms, he has his thumb on the heart of the problem and adjusts his rhetoric accordingly. Yet, his solutions are borderline insane at worst and simply inadequate at best, and this is a case in point.