In 2006, Al Gore swept through both Hollywood and the rest of the world with his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. In celebration of the production’s 10-year anniversary, I thought it appropriate to revisit this landmark film. 

An Inconvenient Truth sparked the political cause of our generation. Movements of all types stemmed from the fountain of information introduced in the film.  Without An Inconvenient Truth sounding the alarm, it is possible we would have never known about the dire fate which was about to befall our civilization.

Retreat! Get to higher ground! Rapid melting of the polar ice caps is causing destructive rising in sea levels.  Cities are being overtaken by the sea.

According to Gore’s documentary, this should be our current state. Unfortunately, Gore must have misread the tea leaves (or data) on this one.  2015 represented the largest refreezing of polar ice in decades.   Here is the good news: even our buddy Al realized his “mistake.” In 2010, he purchased an $8,875,000 beachfront villa.  Don’t look behind the curtain!

We will combine the next three predictions into a single examination.  There will be a new ice age in Europe, the south Sahara will dry up, and both India and China will experience unprecedented flooding.

Well… shoot.  Good for Al it isn’t 3 strikes and you’re out.  You have to absolutely love a guy who predicts both the rapid melting of ice caps and a new ice age in the same movie and wins a Noble Prize for it.  I hope that the Kool-Aid is at least dye free (because that’s better for the environment).

What about the polar bears? These poor pale creatures are disappearing! They are going to be extinct! 

Okay… Maybe they won’t be extinct but they are definitely dying off.  Dying may have been a strong word… they are in… decline?  Listen, “decline” can be subjective: an overall increase in polar bear population increase aside, the situation is still serious.  I definitely saw one coughing at the zoo the other day…

Katrina is just the beginning. 

As it turns out, the devastation caused by this monster storm was not the prelude to disaster.  I will concede that, because I live in New Orleans and have experienced the devastation that STILL exists as a result of this storm, I find it difficult to be snarky and sharp regarding this issue.  I will simply state that there has been the longest drought of Category 3 hurricanes on record over the past 10 years.  This was yet another failed prediction.

I am not writing about the flawed or intentionally distorted science here. This is meant as a conversation starter regarding how easily we as a society can be drawn into a furor.  Thomas Hobbes feared the mob.  But we, as the mob, took a doomsday crier and showered him with money and fame.  Nobody asked any questions when the man warning every one of evil CO2 emissions bought a personal airplane.  Seriously?  Anyone?