November 9th, 1989. The sounds of steely sledgehammers against concrete rang across a divided Berlin, signaling the end of socialism in Germany. President Reagan had ended the Cold War. Socialism had failed, with starving children and young adults dying in the attempt to escape.

We’ve seen socialism fail before, and we’re seeing its failure today in Venezuela and North Korea. So why is Bernie Sanders concept of “democratic socialism” succeeding?

We’ve all been told the lie that “democratic socialism” is somehow different from run-of-the-mill socialism. Even the left-leaning Huffington Post has tried to say the two are somehow different.

They’re wrong: “democratic socialism,” the concept Sanders has been touting, is plain old socialism. The message “Democratic Socialists” have is remarkably the same as the Socialist Party of America. Further, socialism has always been a stepping stone for communism. The two concepts are not that far off in policy. Neither is Bernie Sanders.

So let’s make this clear: Bernie is a leftist radical. It is crystal clear that his policies will trash our economy and tax millennials into unstable lives.

Our generation is the most indebted in American history. A child born today owes $161,000 on the day they are born. When it comes to college tuition, which has ballooned thanks in part to the federal government, that number only increases.

When it comes to policies that will crush us economically, Bernie Sanders takes the cake, with Hillary Clinton right behind him. Bernie has the endorsements to back that statement up, as well: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro endorsed Sanders this month. Venezuela, the shining example of a democratic socialist system, is what Sanders wants to bring us to. The people of Venezuela have to pay $150 for a dozen eggs, and their massively bloated government is currently in collapse.

A massive government, unable to deliver on unrealistic promises, has produced the current situation in Venezuela. We cannot let that happen here. Too many of our generation have fallen under the spell of promises of “free” college tuition, while not understanding the effects this will have on their own wages. For too long, Democrats have continued to drag along voter groups on the basis of victimization and immoral lies.

If we allow Bernie Sanders to triple down on the policies of Barack Obama, we will all be victims of a runaway government crushing personal freedoms in its wake. Millennial conservatives must take a stand, and help in every way they can this election cycle. President Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” We cannot be the generation that lets freedom die at the ballot box.