Last Tuesday morning on my ride to work, I heard Virginia’s 5th district U.S. Representative, Robert Hurt (R) speak in an interview on Kickin’ Country 92.9 WVHL. During the live and local morning segment with local radio personality Larry Ames, Rep. Hurt covered a number of state and national topics affecting local communities, and offered advice for conservative voters throughout the nation.

One major topic Hurt discussed was the Supreme Court’s recent unanimous ruling in favor of landowners in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes.  The ruling challenges a number of federal regulations on the personal property rights of landowners, and was brought after the EPA attempted to enforce even more tough regulations on farmers and small businesses. Rep. Hurt, through his support of the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, seeks to protect farmers and local businesses from continuous government overreach.

Hurt also mentioned the newly-created Commonsense Permitting for Job Creation Act — a bipartisan effort to boost economic development which Hurt co-sponsored with a diverse Virginia delegation, including Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) and Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tim Kaine (D-VA).

Additionally, Congressman Hurt stressed that election of Hillary Clinton would surely secure four more years similar to–if not worse than–that of Barack Obama’s presidency. Hurt suggested that we must remain mindful that the presidency alone doesn’t necessarily dictate the direction in which the nation goes, but that the administration indeed plays an integral role in many decisions made.

Hurt also stressed the importance of the staffers and cabinet members that the next president will choose. These people tend to influence a president strongly. As a conservative, I am extremely wary of what another liberal administration could hold for our struggling nation, and believe that the strength of Americans at this time could be best channeled through the leadership of conservatives. As a Christian, I pray that Donald Trump would choose to surround himself with a strong cabinet. Thankfully, Rep. Hurt shared these same feelings during his radio segment on Tuesday.

Hurt announced his retirement in December of 2015. Virginia state senator Tom Garrett is currently eyeing this seat in his run.

It is sad to see a strong conservative like Congressman Hurt go. The message that Rep. Hurt shared is one that rings loud and clear during a time of transition for our nation, and is applicable to conservatives all across America.