Lately I have been hearing a lot of rhetoric from liberals and conservatives who want to call themselves middle-of-the-isle moderates. People have told me that I should try to make compromises, because that is the only way America moves forward.

I am here to tell you that compromising is wrong. I am a conservative. I have 4 core beliefs: Family, Personal Responsibility, Free Enterprise and Liberty. All of my beliefs stem from that. If you have any less than these 4 values then you are not a true conservative. If you want someone to compromise on values with you, then find one of the fake conservatives we have in Congress. My job is not to make concessions during the great debate; my job is to prove I am right.

I am a journalist. I research everything that I write to the highest, most unbiased journalistic standards I can meet in my deadlines. I will NOT publish an article if I am not confident that I am right and my opposition is wrong. The mark of a truly great debater is someone who can convince others to admit that they are wrong.

I have met too many people in my life that can not stand to be wrong. Even when I prove them wrong with facts, they refuse to concede defeat. They would rather fight on the side of something that they have convinced themselves is correct, when they know they are wrong and have lost. These people, however old they may be, are merely children.

When you go into a debate with anyone, no matter how confident you are in your beliefs, you must be prepared to be wrong. I have been proven wrong many times in my life, and instead of staying on the wrong side, I fight with what I believe is right. Then I research and educate myself as much as possible to secure my beliefs. Going around and calling yourself a conservative is not enough. If you are not educated in your beliefs, you will lose to a good debater, even if you know that you are right.

I do not care if I lose friends because they cannot stand to hear my beliefs. I do not want to be friends with ignorant, incorrigible people. Of course, if we come to a stalemate, I will respect your opinion as I expect you will mine. However, you must remember that I do not debate to compromise. I debate to win.