In what many term the most significant abortion decision in a decade, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that placed heavy restrictions and health guidelines on the operation of abortion clinics. Now, the decision itself has many holes, starting with the fact that the Constitution makes no mention of any right to abortion. (For a further critique of the decision, see here.) However, while the Court’s excesses are troubling, there is another area of concern that is just as concerning, and perhaps even more so.

How did abortion advocates react to the Court’s decision? Rachel Bergstrom-Carlson, health center manager for the ambulatory surgical center of a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic, said she was “overjoyed” at the Court’s decision. “I had tears of joy welling up for the women of Texas, and for reproductive rights in this country.” Kathy Falkenstein, a contact center manager for Planned Parenthood of greater Texas, said she was feeling “Thrilled!” over the decision (see here). Former state senator and would-be governor of Texas Wendy Davis was so overjoyed, she “burst into tears,” calling the decision “such a happy relief.” And pro-abortion demonstrators outside the Court cheered, sang, and danced.

While I may not agree with them, I can understand those who support making abortion legal. But even abortion advocates should agree that the destruction of a potential human life, not to mention the physical pain experienced by a more developed fetus, is a tragedy. Abortion advocates who somberly accept the Court’s decision may not have my agreement, but they do have my understanding. However, jubilation and festivity are completely out of place. What does it say about our society if we consider the demolition of a living fetus that is at the least a potential human life to be no different than any other surgical procedure?

Bill Clinton, who is no conservative, once said that abortion ought to be “safe, legal, and rare” (though his wife seems to have abandoned that view). The over-the-top celebration of abortion supporters who have deleted that last word deserves our contempt.