Minutes ago, FBI Director James Comey addressed reporters regarding the agency’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. With Comey admitting that he had not coordinated his statement with other groups, like the Department of Justice, and his disclosure that he would include an “unusual transparency,” viewers prepared themselves for a potential political bomb to be dropped.

With the FBI’s investigation concluded, Comey reported that of the emails recovered, countless were determined to have contained classified and even top secret content at the time that the emails were sent. The FBI also had to go digging through a “slack” space to recover emails that had been previously deleted.

This information alone points to charges of perjury, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed under oath that, 1) she had surrendered all emails, and 2) no emails contained classified information at the time she sent them. 

The FBI also found that Hillary had been using multiple devices and multiple servers to manage her emails, which is interesting, since in 2015, Hillary stated,

“I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two. Looking back, it would have been better if I simply used a second account and carried a second phone.”

I guess it turned out that it’s easier to handle multiple devices instead of one.

Furthermore, the FBI determined that hostile hackers were indeed granted access to the private accounts of some of Hillary’s personal correspondents. Comey said that although they did not find a trace of hostile hackers directly accessing Hillary’s account, there would be no way of knowing whether they actually did or not. That’s kind of how the best hacking works, when you don’t leave a trace.

Comey stated that Hillary’s team was “extremely careless in their handling of extremely classified matters” and indicated utter negligence on their management of sensitive material.

So with all of this evidence, and the proven lies of Hillary, the FBI recommended that no charges be pursued against Hillary. 

That’s right. Comey’s briefing built up viewers to believe that a recommendation of charges would follow, only to swivel 180 degrees and shock those watching.

In the real world, Hillary Clinton would be fired. But instead, she is likely to be the next POTUS.

What is absolutely stunning is the laundry list of other public officials and figures — Petraeus, Scooter Libby, Dinesh D’Souza, and the Youtuber who made the video that supposedly incited the attack at Benghazi — that have committed equal or lesser crimes and been punished.

But Hillary is a Clinton. She is corrupt. And the law does not actually apply to anyone under the current administration.

America, this is what we’re working with. A corrupt government.

And, no, Hillary. We still haven’t forgotten about Benghazi.