There are some obvious perks to being the President of the United States. Power, the Secret Service, living in the White House, and having a direct line to the listening ear of the American people, just to name a few.

We entrust our presidents with the toughest, most important job in our country. We trust them to lead, to inspire, and to act in our best interests, on our behalf. We trust them to have integrity, compassion, and good judgment.For all these reasons and more, it is likely that we often expect these individuals to be larger-than-life and invincible, immune to the human faults we find in ourselves. They’re only people, just like us, after all.

Yet one expectation we hold that should always remain, is to put the good of the country above their own agenda or the agenda of their political party. This expectation is both reasonable and necessary and without it our nation falters.

President Obama, although not the first to do so, has made a point of criticizing every political rival of himself and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The animosity between Democrats and Republicans grows every day, but from my view, the petty quarrels of party politics should stay outside of the White House.

We elected Obama to serve us, the people. No function of his position requires him to render judgment or provide commentary on the people who seek to replace him in November, be it positive or negative. To do so is an overreach of power and an abuse of the platform provided by the position.

Even more outrageous, is the idea that a sitting president would refuse to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the grounds that he wouldn’t want to sway any public opinion ahead of the 2015 election taking place in Israel, citing the appearance of interference in the foreign government’s democratic election process. Yet this same man sees no issue with not only endorsing a candidate to replace him, but allowing her to fly with him on the taxpayer’s dime as he neglects his duties to campaign on her behalf.

If his claim about Israel’s election is true, how can it possibly be okay to interfere with our own democratic election process? There have been those on both sides of the aisle who have criticized presidential candidates as president’s themselves, but no matter who is doing the talking, it is the American people who lose.