In November 2016, the Missouri Governor’s mansion may stay blue thanks to twenty Republican Representatives and two Senators who have sided with Democrats over the past two years.

In the Show-Me State, Republicans will vote in a four-way gubernatorial primary between Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, businessman John Brunner, former federal prosecutor Catherine Hanaway, and Eric Greitens.  Meanwhile, Democrats across the state have rallied behind liberal Attorney General Chris Koster.

Koster has accepted millions in union donations from numerous labor organizations and has been endorsed by big union bosses like those at AFL-CIO.  Koster has taken a significant money from unions and has become a focal point of big labor, in part due to the twenty Republican Representatives that voted against Right to Work in September 2015.  This legislation would have allowed blue collar workers to practice their trade while being given the option of whether or not to join a union.  

Two Republican Senators also voted against the veto override of Paycheck Protection in May of 2016, legislation that would have allowed public sector employees the same ability of Right to Work – the freedom of choice when it comes to joining a union.

Representatives like Anne Zerr were elected to the Missouri House as conservatives, but sold out their constituents when it came time for worker freedom.  Time and time again Anne Zerr has voted against conservative measures.  You can even find her speaking at a liberal rally, denouncing her own party and thanking the left for its support, all on a video put on YouTube by the extreme leftist group Progress Missouri. Other members at the rally include liberal Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel, Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (who has failed to do his job and is challenging US Senator Roy Blunt), and of course, Chris Koster — whose speech takes place right before she takes the stage.  Other legislators, like Ryan Silvey, have abandoned the conservative cause to play politics – so much so that his Democratic opponent received a large donation from a betrayed conservative donor.

While Zerr, Silvey, and their twenty counterparts are facing difficult primaries due to their voting records, Missouri Republicans have a difficult general election for governor. Due to these legislators’ abandonment of worker freedom, Right to Work and Paycheck Protection are still being debated here in Missouri.  The left wants to shut down the debate completely, to which end they have donated thousands and thousands of dollars by way of seeding Chris Koster’s campaign. With these massive donations and campaign contributions continuing to line his campaign’s pockets, and with no serious primary threat, Koster has been ready to start the general from the day he announced his candidacy. Meanwhile, Republican gubernatorial candidates continue to fight for donors and voters in a primary they hope to win and a general they could lose thanks to the left’s political machine and these legislators who failed to stand up for Missouri workers.

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