The one-year anniversary of the United Nations Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) Iranian nuclear agreement has ­not brought the results that the Obama Administration was hoping for. Germany’s top intelligence agency just released a highly critical report stating that, despite the deal, Iran has continued to acquire weapon capabilities at a “quantitatively high level.” In June Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei said, “It’s the U.S., the evil Britain, and the damned and cancerous Zionist regime [Israel]. These are the main enemies.” The U.S. State Department’s response? “We believe that Iran is continuing to meet its [JCPOA] commitments.”

Thankfully Congress isn’t wearing rose-colored glasses as is the Obama Administration, and they promise a vote on new Iranian sanctions before a summer recess. Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said pretending the deal has been successful “Isn’t just delusional it’s dangerous.” Here in the U.S., a government report cited Iran as the worldwide leading state sponsor of terror. Relating to human rights, Iran carried out 1,000 executions in 2015, the highest since 1989. Feigning this agreement has benefited anyone except the radical Iranian government is not only a disservice to the American public, but to the safety of the world.

We as a country cannot afford to stick our heads in the sand and continue to allow Iran to amass power and weapons. The German report named more than 1,000 terrorist associates in Germany that are funded by the Iranian government. How many may be among us in America? German Prime Minister Angela Merkel stated in an address to parliament, “Iran continued unabated to develop its rocket program in conflict with the relevant provisions of the UN Security Council.” In fact, Iran said they will continue with their missile program “with full force.” How can we continue to allow them to violate the UN agreement and pretend that it has been a success?

We must admit that the JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran has been a failure, and fully reinstate sanctions. Although the US Treasury instituted sanctions on Iran’s suppliers in the wake of their missile launches, and many other economic sanctions against Iran remain in place, these limited actions have obviously not slowed Iran’s nuclear ambitions or their progress. Inconceivably despite all evidence, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been meeting with European banks in an attempt to solicit their investment in Iran. As much as the Administration wants to believe it, Iran’s new wealth gained by the easing of sanctions and the release of billions of dollars in previously frozen assets is not helping the everyday Iranians living in poverty. Much like North Korea, all investment is going purely into weapons testing, in violation of the UN agreement they signed. Congress must act quickly and decisively to reinstate economic sanctions against Iran.