At the start of the RNC, an incident occurred, which drew considerable anger from the Left.

At the convention Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Mr. Charles Pierce, writer-at-large for Esquire, had a live conversation. Pierce expressed his happiness this may be the last time that “old white people will command the Republican Party,” and the convention hall was full of “wired, with loud, unhappy, dissatisfied, white people.”

“This whole white people business does get a little tired,” Rep. King responded. “Go back through history, where are the contributions made by these other categories of people, that you’re talking about?”

He went on to remark that Western civilization was founded in Europe and on Christianity. Later on, clarifying, he said:

The contributions that were made by Western civilization itself, and by Americans, by Americans of all races stand far above the rest of the world. The Western civilization and the American civilization are a superior culture.

King did not say, “Non-whites contributed nothing to civilization,” which is what the Left missed in their fury to condemn him. He merely implied Western Civilization largely is the product of white people. This is historically true (especially if you use the U.S. Census definition for “white”).

Western civilization has been, chiefly, the work of people from Europe and Northern Africa, and so what? It proves no superiority in those of us who are pale over those who are not. The towering achievements of the West have nothing to do with race. Western Civilization is rooted in its theology, cultures, laws, and philosophy.

Rep. King was wrong to speak of an “American race,” but his dislike of “This whole white people business” is accurate. Many white Americans are tired of being told that we’re evil, depraved, former slave-holding racist, bigoted, cis-gender monsters. The litany of our sins has become so familiar we can recite in forwards and back.

The Left, which now sees everything in terms of iron cages of identity, cannot conceive of a notion like the West, which has become increasingly color blind over its history. For them, everything must be racial, sexual or class based. The racial bigotry lies with those who choose to see everything in racial terms.