I have been doing some serious thinking in terms of which Presidential candidate I will be voting for in November. As deplorable as it sounds, I’ve also been contemplating as to whether or not I will vote at all. I mean… look at our two major party options. We have a man who likes to kick crying babies out of his rallies and vilify the family of deceased military officials. No one has a viable defense for his actions or words. We have a woman who is exceptionally venal and has blood on her hands. So as a conservative, where do I turn to? Who can I vote for and not be conscience-stricken? And I won’t lie, or a moment there I thought: Gary Johnson. But only for a moment. 

I know people who support the libertarian nominee for various reasons. But one of the big reasons is that he is lesser of the two evils. I’ve already expressed before how I feel about that: no voter should have to make that decision. That’s not a valid reason. So for people who use that argument I would strongly advise you let it go. 

What is legitimate is if you wholly agree with his positions and if you strongly believe he can get this country back on track.

Gary Johnson is deeply pro-choice. As a candidate who respects and understands the Constitution, he has expressed no desire to overturn Roe v. Wade and leave the power in the hands of the states. As it should have been to begin with because of the 10th amendment.

He wants to legalize marijuana. And from witnessing what marijuana did to my mother, what it led her to do and how her mental health is now shattered, I believe that it is a gateway drug.

He praised and endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement. I don’t think I need to provide an explanation for why I have a problem with this.

Those are the reasons I snapped myself out of my temporary contemplation of voting for Johnson. I didn’t change my mind because he’s a third-party candidate who will never become President, let alone appear on the debate stage in the fall. But his positions on three issues are stances I simply can’t get behind. It goes against, yes I will say it, my principles.