Yesterday morning BuzzfeedNews published an article announcing the possible presidential campaign run of veteran CIA officer Evan McMullin. McMullin is also the chief policy director of the House Republican conference. As an individual entering the presidential race in August, McMullin would certainly add to the absurdity of this election.

According to the article, the possible independent candidate has a chance of bringing in serious donor support. Evan McMullin is also a graduate of Brigham Young University. His alumnae status could hep him pull major support in Utah, a state in which Trump has seriously failed in garnering support.

While McMullin’s platform seems nearly non existent, we do know that he is anti-Trump. McMullin has recently taken to social media to voice his issues with the Republican nominee. Early this month he posted on his Facebook page, “As Donald Trump continues attacking Muslims and as a former CIA officer, I’d like all Americans to know the truth: American and other Muslims have played a central role in virtually every counterterrorism win we’ve had since 9/11. They are an indispensable asset in this fight. Attacking them as a group makes America weaker, not stronger.”

So, If Evan Mcmullin does decide to make a run for president what would the campaign look like?

Let us all take a moment to remember that we are in the month of August in a campaign year. Both the Democratic and Republican conventions have passed. The acceptable time for a candidate to come into the race has passed.

Coming into the race this late would cost MAJOR money. In order to get the coverage necessary to contend with the current alternative candidates McMullin would need more money then it seems he is able to fundraise. If McMullin could overcome the obvious financial burdens to be recognized, he would face major problems when trying to gain ballot access. In fact, as of Monday he wouldn’t be able to appear on the ballot in 24 states.

If citizens can’t vote for the candidate, the campaign is pointless.