It is only the first half of August, but it appears that the finger pointing of who will be to blame if Hillary Clinton is elected President has already begun. This was epitomized over the weekend in a Twitter brawl between Sean Hannity of Fox News and Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal.

Over at PJ Media, Andrew Klavan steps back and gives a mature and thoughtful rundown of the Hannity-Stephens feud and how both men make valid points about Trump, what paved the way for Trump, and how both have erred.

Putting egos and pundit name calling aside, who will be to blame if Hillary Clinton is elected President in November? Is it Donald Trump, those who refuse to back Trump, or someone else?

The simple answer is that Donald Trump would be the one responsible. Trump has run a campaign that has been a mix of bad policy proposals, troubling statements, and multiple displays of personality or character flaws. Conservatives are under no obligation to vote for the Republican and if the Republican nominee can not convince his own base, that is the fault of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump wants to try to win over Bernie Sanders voters over conservatives, do not expect conservatives to suddenly jump on board the bandwagon.

Trump’s antics may have won him the primary that was crowded with candidates who had no business running for President or who stuck around even after the voters had clearly rejected them. Trump’s “politically incorrect” antics also burned a lot of bridges.

You cannot seriously expect someone to endorse you after you tried to tie his father to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Nor, can you expect someone to vote for you after you called their brother, who was a wartime President, a liar. It is not Ted Cruz’s fault that Donald Trump cannot run a competent campaign.

If Trump loses in November, there will be plenty of talk about who is to blame and what went wrong. From who bears responsibility for Trump’s rise to what should be learned from the Trump experiment. Some will no doubt be accurate, while others will be so far off base that another version of Trump could arise in 2020. However, if Trump loses in November, that will be the fault of one man and one man only: Donald Trump.