Not a day goes by without someone generalizing our generation as ‘lazy’, ‘entitled’, or ‘liberal’. Sadly, these inaccurate stereotypes bleed into our generation’s character without anyone stopping to see if they are correct. The truth is, they’re wrong.

Our generation is the most entrepreneurial-spirited our nation has ever seen. From Insomnia Cookies, to Snapchat and Reddit, these examples of millennial-started companies break the stereotype. Droves of millennials have created their own businesses to increase their income on top of the part-time or full-time jobs.  This is indicative of a strong work ethic and a sense of determination for success, not laziness.  

Millennials love flexibility in the workplace, not because of when they want to work or not, but for the freedom it represents. Having a flexible work schedule allows for an individual to reach their potential at any given time. Such flexibility and desire to have the world at our fingertips have led to the rise of companies like Uber and Lyft.

These companies have consistently fought Democrats and leftist politicians who try to over-regulate and unfairly target them more so than average taxi companies. Liberals tend to dislike these services publicly, but tend to use them more often than any other group. Meanwhile, conservatives generally try to foster the environment where these companies can grow and succeed in their own industries. This isn’t the first case where Millennials line up with conservatives on the issues.

Millennials are fiscal conservatives, raised in financially turbulent times, and sent out in a world where careful investment is popular. Millennials are the also the most pro-life generation, another cause championed by conservatives. College affordability is something that is constantly brought up by liberals like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, yet their big government proposals are fiscally unsound. Conservatives like Marco Rubio have unique proposals that work, get government out of the way of our generation’s plans to get a degree, and lead to a better education in the classroom. With how fiscally conservative Millennials are, most would opt for the small government path.

Overall, our generation is best off by embracing conservative policy positions. From upholding the Constitution, letting individuals live their own lives, and reducing our national debt, conservatives offer a lot to millennials. The next step is for us to listen, get involved, and get the message out there. From liberty-leaning to freedom-embracing groups like College Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, and Students for Life, to conservative activist groups like Young Americans for Freedom and Turning Point USA, our generation has many outlets to make a change. Whether we do make a change is up to you.