I just recently came across Shaun King’s 25 part series about what he believes are the solutions to police brutality. Other than being completely mind numbing, idiotic (for the most part), and not supported by facts, Shaun King provided ideas on how to micromanage law enforcement, which he says must be done in order to end police brutality.

Whether it be regularly taking implicit bias exams or needing a college degree to join the force, there must be more control of the police than there currently is. For better or worse, the Black Lives Matter movement is slowly but surely establishing that control. Unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where officers hesitate to do their jobs correctly.

If you’re wondering how they’re exerting this control, turn to the 12-guidelines left behind in Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.

In a video I recorded during my internship this summer, I state the following:

The movement never goes beyond “the experience of their people.” Black lives matter is plastered all over the media and dominating social media when a black man dies at the hands of a police officer. But they are silent women like Lakisha Wilson, wrongfully die from a botched abortion. Or when children like Jamyla Bolden are shot and killed in her own home by a black man.

Police officers are the enemy. They are denied services at fast food places and others simply feel uncomfortable sitting next to them in restaurants. They are ‘pigs’ and those who kill them are praised. And according to Shaun King all the college students he has spoken to are uninterested in the field. Clearly, ridicule is a “man’s most potent weapon.”

Using the same old tactic “becomes a drag” so these guys are always changing it up. Just when we think things are turning around because police officers and black lives matter activists get together for a barbecue, the national guard is called in to put an end to their violent riots. A demonstration in Graceland during Elvis Week? Who could have seen that coming?

And this is just grazing the top of the movement’s strategies. There is so much more the Black Lives Matters movement has done and much more that they will do. Watch their actions carefully and watch what the media reports. I can promise you somewhere among all the chaos you can match up their actions with one of Saul Alinsky’s rules.