Russia currently has a staggering 90,000 battle-ready troops on their border with Ukraine. In retaliation, Ukraine has deployed 100,000 less well armed troops. No one seems to be paying attention.

Russia claims the movements of troops to the Russia-Ukrainian border is simply just a normal “military drill,” and that if anything Ukraine is deploying soldiers to “hurt Crimea’s tourism sector.”

Not long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks.

These are statements that must be taken seriously. Just two years ago Russia staged “military exercises” on the Ukrainian that culminated with an invasion and Eastern Ukraine, ending with an annexation of Crimea. This high-powered standoff jeopardizes not only the peace and stability Ukraine, but also on NATO countries. Putin has demonstrated time and again that he feels no qualms about using military force in order to bully his way to whatever he wants.

They have shown that they do not respect the authority of America or the rest of the western world, for example by intimidating US aircraft or ships.

These military drills are only occurring more frequently and growing in size. One last week practiced the invasion of Russia by NATO forces. In the drill a female voice projected over a loudspeaker warned,

“NATO soldiers! You are being lied to! You are not peacekeepers! Lay down your arms. Your treacherous attack is disturbing a peaceful country. You will suffer retribution and the anger of a people who have never suffered defeat in any war. Drop your weapons and stop being pawns for your leaders.”

After the very real annexation of Crimea, these brazen displays of military strength cannot be tolerated. With nearly 100,000 Russian soldiers stationed on the Ukrainian border, how much longer before Putin invades once again?