In 2016, the American people are the subjects of a struggle between those on the left and those on the right. Americans face a constant barrage of information and argumentation that attempts to sway them to accept the policies of progressives. While we may dive into textbooks and philosophical treatises to understand the motivations of the left, we actually need not look further than a children’s book.

In 1985, Laura Numeroff published the famous children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” The book quickly became a modern classic among children’s literature and has been established as a popular favorite in classrooms and households across the world. Yet Numeroff’s book does more than tell an entertaining cycle of cookies and milk and mirrors. While it does indeed entertain and help to educate children across the world, it serves another purpose: to educate us about the dangers of appeasing the American left.

For example: if you give the left universal healthcare, they will want compulsory insurance to fund it. If you give the left compulsory insurance, they will want to make it harder for companies to turn away insurance risks. If you make it harder for companies to turn people away, the left will want to close loopholes companies use to eke out a profit. If you close loopholes, the left will denounce the convoluted healthcare laws and demand a simpler system. If you give the left a simpler healthcare system, they will want the government to run it. And if you finally cave in and give the left government-run healthcare, they will move on to the next conquest. Maybe it’s education, maybe it’s welfare. In any case, they make increasingly ludicrous demands of mainstream America, and when we comply, they demand more and more until there is no more to give.

In the same way that the protagonist of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” struggles to keep up with the demands of the hungry, narcissistic mouse, much of America has been consistently struggling to keep up with the demands of the left. And in the same way that it may serve the protagonist well to stop giving in to unreasonable demands made by the mouse, it would serve this nation well to stop kowtowing to the ludicrous demands made by the left. Unless we want to keep on losing the ideals and values that make America so great, we must end the process of appeasement. No more cookies.