I talk to fellow students at the College of William & Mary, a fairly liberal campus with a small number of conservatives. From the onset of the campaigning for the 2016 election up until the nominations were clinched by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I noticed a sense of disbelief among all college students: how are we left with these two choices to run our nation?

Few are satisfied. Bernie supporters wince at the thought of casting a vote for a corrupt, lying politician. Moderate Republicans repeat the #NeverTrump mantra, pledging to vote their conscience come November.

College students (at least the ones I’ve come across) are driven and generally optimistic. The fact that the future of the United States looks so bleak has been disheartening for many, to the point of inducing a vehement apathy towards our elected officials. I myself have drifted away from politics for weeks at a time, not wanting to read the next headline of politicians’ incompetency and indecency.

We have Hillary Clinton, who denies being aware that the “C” in her email subject lines stood for “CLASSIFIED”; we have Gary Johnson, unaware of Aleppo, a city in Syria devastated by its civil war; and we have Donald Trump, undermining the explicit purpose of NATO and its principle of collective defense by not committing to helping a partnering country if attacked.

But as college students–conservative, liberal, libertarian, and everyone in between–we should be pounding towards 2020, a time at which many of us will be young professionals, and a time when we can put our leadership into practice and patch the hole of this sinking ship.

The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is the nation’s symbol for a call to action, a call to make sure the citizens get together and do what is necessary to protect their freedoms. Many of our politicians are set in their ways, stubborn to change, and so long ingrained in the government’s culture of elitism and living above the rules. We have an obligation to try and make things right.

It’s time to ring the damn bell. Incompetent politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike: your time is up.

Join our campaign to #RingTheBell and take back what belongs to the people: our country.