This weekend, our great nation remembered the pivotal and tragic events that took place fifteen years ago in New York City. Current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had to cut her visit to Ground Zero short, however, due to a health scare. There is video evidence showing Ms. Clinton stumbling and fainting as her security detail scrambles to block the public’s view.

Many are taking this as a clear justification for finally discussing Hillary’s health.  But in fact, we should have been talking about it already.

This latest news event related to Hillary’s health comes days after the public learned that she cited medical issues in her interview with the FBI regarding her emails. According to the interview transcripts, Ms. Clinton suffered a concussion and a blood clot near the end of 2012. She was working part-time as a result, and was thus unable to recall basic information about her job.

On top of this revelation, Hillary has had a nasty cough on the campaign trail.  Every other soundbite features her cough, and her coughing fits sometimes go for minutes at a time.

Naturally, her staffers are already on the defensive. Her campaign said she was merely dehydrated and overheated (in 80 degree weather), and needed to rest.  And yes, Hillary’s health wouldn’t be an issue if this incident were isolated.   But it isn’t isolated–Hillary’s campaign forgot to mention that her doctor recently diagnosed her with pneumonia, a serious condition at any age.

In light of the last few years of health episodes, we should be able to question things without drawing the ire of the left, right? Nope.

Despite clear indicators that Hillary’s medical status should be an issue, anyone who raises questions is automatically labeled as sexist. If we were talking about issues that are particular to womanhood, that objection might hold more weight.

But on that note, Trump’s health ought to be discussed as well–and it already has, thanks to the strange letter furnished by Trump’s doctor last year. Neither candidate is the finest specimen of human health, and both should raise concerns for the American public.

When it comes to our leaders, their health may seem like an arbitrary standard. On the contrary, it is critical. The American presidency is a demanding job, and the next leader of the free world needs to be ready. He or she needs to be ready physically as well as mentally. Right now, I’m not sure that either candidate has the level of health readiness that the American people deserve.