Over the weekend, TheCollegeConservative reported on two incidents of 9/11 memorials being vandalized at Occidental College and Saddleback College. At Occidental College, vandals not once, not twice, but three times approached the memorial site that students had put together, snapping the miniature American flags that each represented a victim of 9/11. At Saddleback College, students recorded a video of a radical professor tearing down posters that were posted by members of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) club.

The same poster that the professor is seen tearing down recently got the Sewanee College Republicans suspended indefinitely for “misconduct.” 


The poster depicts eight incidents of radical Islamist violence, with the caption “Never Forget” in the middle. While the poster predictably aroused anger from many, arguing that it is hateful towards Muslims, it must be noted that the poster depicts actual events with actual victims. Arguably, the poster is simply stating the facts: radical Islam has been problematic (to say the very least) and continues to claim victims today.

The club’s president, Amir Kamrani, said the group went through the proper procedures to get approval for putting up the posters, but were denied on the grounds that the poster “invokes hate towards Muslims.” Kamrani said the group requested a more detailed explanation, but the only response they received was that the matter had been forwarded to another dean.

With no further response, the Sewanee College Republicans decided to put the posters up anyways. The Assistant Dean of Students, Hagi Bradley, who originally told them they could not use the posters, called Kamrani to a meeting, at which point Kamrani was informed their club was being indefinitely suspended.

Muslims are the victims of radical Islamic attacks more than any other group; this is a commonly known fact. Many conservatives like myself see this as a primary reason for wanting to pursue and destroy groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda: if eradicated, regions of the Middle East that frequently experience instability, political upheaval, and extreme violence, might have a chance at establishing a peaceful political system that respects its citizens. That is the ultimate goal.

The fact that peaceful Muslims across the world, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, cannot live their daily lives in peace is a direct result of Islamic extremismBut when conservative groups like the Sewanee College Republicans call for a remembrance of victims of radical Islam, it’s incorrectly perceived as hatred against all Muslims.