If you’re a music junkie like me, always updating your playlists and sending song suggestions to your friends, this article is for you. Here are what I consider five underrated songs you should put on your playlist right now.

1. Liar – Britney Spears


The Queen of Pop never left. “Liar” is a hit on Britney’s latest album, Glory, and I can’t stop playing it. The tune is perfect for your power walk to class or your Friday night celebrations.

“You can cry wolfbut you know I ain’t gonna be here tomorrow, oh no”


2. Fool’s Gold – Aaron Carter

The once-upon-a-time teenage heartthrob Aaron Carter brought back the party recently with a new single, but it pretty much went under the radar.


“Cause I see you fallin’, you traded my heart for some fool’s gold”

3. Reaper – Sia

Given that Sia is already crushing the music game, I have no idea why this song isn’t more popular. Definitely a song to play on Monday mornings when you’re lacking motivation.


“Don’t come for me today, I’m feeling good, let me savor it”

4. Til Kingdom Come – Coldplay

When you listen to this song, you just feel all of the good vibes. How can you not, with Chris Martin’s soothing voice? Plus, this song was featured in The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garfield.


“For you I’d wait, til kingdom come. Until my day, my day is done” 

5. When My Time Comes – Dawes

Although last on the list, this lesser known song certainly is not last in ranking. Dawes is one of my favorite bands, and one of their albums is even called All Your Favorite Bands. When this song hits the chorus, you can’t help but belt it.


“Oh you can judge the whole world by the sparkle that you think it lacks; yes, you can stare into the abyss, but it’s staring right back”