The stereotypical college student in today’s America is characterized as a lot of things.  Many of these things are negative: lazy, entitled, precious snowflakes, and coddled, are just a few.  Many of these descriptions are not wrong, but perhaps it is time to look at why.  After all, the students were taught to think the way they do.

In some areas of study, you are more likely to have a communist professor than a Republican professor.  Generally, any class that ends in “studies” is much more likely to taught by someone who thinks the wrong side won the Cold War than somebody who voted for George Bush.  These “studies” classes exist for no other purpose than to “educate” the students about the left’s worldview.

Those of us who are of college age and write for websites such as this, all have our own reasons for doing so.  For myself, it was not because my fellow classmates drove me crazy (although they did and often still do), it was because of a professor.  I felt I had to do something more than write papers that no one else would ever read.

I vividly remember waiting for class one day.  It was either the day of or the day after the United States began bombing ISIS targets inside Syria.  I overheard this professor lamenting how awful it was that we were “bombing a sovereign nation.”  The fact that ISIS is the most evil force to walk the earth since Nazism or the fact that Syria as a geographic entity does not exist anymore, did not matter.  This example was not even the worst from that class.

There are plenty of professors who think if the United States Navy would trade in its guided-missile cruisers for pleasure cruisers then the world would be at peace, everybody would love each other, and all would be well in the world.  Is there any doubt then why so many young people think simply putting a coexist bumper sticker on their car is the solution to all the world’s problems?

Why do young people view socialism more favorably than older people?  Yes, the allure of freebies is always going to be tempting, but it is more than that.  When you have professors who are more interested in liberating the proletariat than actually teaching, it should be no surprise that young people gravitated towards Bernie Sanders.

What is the one thing every middle or high schooler wants?  Freedom.  Mostly freedom from their parents and authority figures, but freedom nonetheless.  Why then is it that when they get to college do they turn into the Committee of Public Safety from the French Revolution?

Obviously, not all professors are Marxists, sympathize with terrorists, or truly despise their own country, but more than we would like to admit do.  It would be wise to remember that when criticizing college students, we are not the only part of the campus equation.