A majority of Americans have heard about Hillary Clinton’s classified emails, yet most don’t know why it’s such a big deal. Before any American can even think about casting a vote for Hillary, they must first understand why this scandal matters.

A (very brief) background

The State Department states that the “normal day-day operations” of those in office should be conducted with the state.gov email address. Hillary used a private family server for official communications instead of her issued state.gov email address during her time as secretary of state. She claims she did this so as to not carry around two devices for “convenience.”

In September 2013, four Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya. In 2014, the State Department asked for Hillary’s emails when they discovered correspondence between Hillary’s private email and her staffs government accounts regarding the attacks. Clinton gave 30,490 emails, yet deleted 31,830 emails. Here’s the kicker: the committee finds classified information in Clinton’s emails.

Why is the use of the private server an issue?

Because her usage of the private server put Americans in danger. Don’t believe me? Author H.A. Goodman from the Huffington Posts lists various officials who believe her email was likely hacked:

“Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes “the odds are pretty high” that Iran, China, or Russia may have hacked Clinton’s server. Edward Snowden says it’s “ridiculous” to believe Clinton’s emails were safe. In addition, Russia-linked hackers tried to access Clinton’s emails five times. Also, Computer World states Hillary Clinton’s email system was insecure for two months.”

Why do these emails matter in the election?

It proves that Clinton is trying to fraud the voters. She is careless, she is dangerous, and she does not care about the American people.

The FBI found that Hil’ used 13 devices during her time in office. Remember how Clinton initially defended herself? By saying she didn’t want to use more than one device and that’s why she used her personal server?


Lie #1!

Hillary stated that she never sent or received classified emails. So she can’t technically be liable, can she? Except that the FBI found at least 110 emails on her server that were classified at the time they were sent or received. Lie #2!

Image result for housewives stop lying gif

Most recently, Hil’ defended herself saying she did not know the little “c” meant classified. Somehow, I find it hard to believe that the Secretary of State doesn’t know something this simple. Clinton is saying whatever she can think of to fool the American people into thinking she’s innocent.

Why does her story keep changing? Why would she use a personal server? Why has she still not given an explanation for Benghazi? More importantly, why is she even still in the running?

If anything, these classified emails show Hillary’s true character. She lacks integrity and she does not care about Americans. All she cares about is getting herself into the Oval Office. She will do whatever it takes, even if it means lying and deceiving. Is this really the type of person we want in office? A Deceiver-in-Chief?