In the last week, 66 people  have been shot in the city of Chicago. These shootings have pushed the number of shootings beyond last year’s statistics up to a two-decade high. With 3,062 shootings since the start of 2016 and a quarter of the year left, these numbers do not bode well for Chicagoans. For the city with some of the toughest gun laws, gun crime is through the roof.

After over 80 years of Democratic control, countless cases of corruption, and stagnant economic downturn, it seems that the city’s antagonism toward the Second Amendment has not proven effective in the slightest. And while liberals want more of the same ineffective Chicago-style gun laws across our nation, the death toll in Chicago keeps on climbing.

Rather than attacking law-abiding gun owners and shredding the Second Amendment, why not pursue some alternative action that can help fix the root cause of violence: poverty. The Brookings Institute has found that there are three rules for staying out of poverty: 1) Graduate from high school, 2) Wait until you’re older than 21 to get married and don’t have children before you marry, and 3) Have a full-time job. Under the Democratic machine in Chicago (and across America), all three of these metrics of success have seen a downturn. Chicago public schools are failing. Teen pregnancy is sky-high. Full-time employment is below the national average.

While Democrats in Chicago advocate more and more gun control, the city’s children continue to fall into the vicious cycle of poverty, and crime numbers remain high. And while their city suffers, they will continue to line their political coffers on their way to the next election. Though the Democrats’ policies have had no discernible effect on the crime rate in Chicago, they will continue to push the same old stories and advocate the same old policies that have failed their city and their nation.