On college campuses throughout the country, conservatives are public enemy number one. Standardized curriculums hold perspectives contrary to conservatism, and the US department of Education does nothing to keep bias out of the classroom. According to a piece written by Lauren Cooley with Lifezette, conservative students and professors have been increasingly marginalized. If backlash from fellow students is not enough, liberal professors will do everything they can to silence dissenting views in the classroom.

The ridiculous and unregulated abhorrent attacks on conservatives occur on a daily basis. Seeing a professor face absolutely no reprimand for destroying a memorial commemorating 9/11, or learning that political bias has absolutely no bearing on a university’s faculty paints a clear picture. Students’ rights do not matter, and we are being taught more and more to adapt to a social norm that disregards individual thought. Hiding behind bureaucracy, universities create impenetrable walls of policy that prevent students from expressing their first amendment rights. If any of the recent events, from CSULA, Saddleback College, Mizzou, etc., hold any bearing on our future, it isn’t too bright.

The fundamental roots of education have decayed to a point where diversity of thought is not a core principle in education, and conservatives are the new counter-culture. They are renegades to the status-quo, and many times portrayed as the villains on campus. A Feudalist system exists in which students are the submissive peasants to the all-powerful administration. They have no ability to question or object for fear of academic repercussions. Universities are a microcosm of a social system that is fundamentally archaic and regressive.

The conservative movement is becoming more and more of an underground movement that depends on those who refuse to allow others to dictate their perspectives. They are the outlaws and renegades to oppression in this feudal system, pushing school policy to the edge, and advocating for the constitution.  While they may be a minority, they are not alone in their fight for freedom. Organizations such as ADF, ACLU, and FIRE  provide support through legal services. Although it shouldn’t take a lawsuit to protect fundamental rights, unfortunately in our universities, this is many times the case.

We have reached an epidemic in students rights violations, and the first amendment seems to evaporate upon entrance to our public universities. Any policy that restricts students rights should under no circumstance be implemented, and yet they exist on almost every public university in this country. Students must rally behind the Constitution and their rights, as administrators try to censor diversity of thought and free expression. Our values keep this country together, they are the glue that keeps us united. Without these, we fall apart.