Do conservatives have no compassion? How can we watch the terrible death and destruction gripping the Middle East and North Africa, view tragic images like this one, and turn a blind eye? How can we oppose Hillary Clinton’s proposal to allow the tragic victims of conflict into the United States? Is Hillary Clinton with her calls for America to accept some sixty-five thousand refugees more compassionate than the conservatives who oppose her?

The answer, of course, is no. Hillary is not known for her compassion, and her call to accept refugees probably had more to do with pandering to her base than true sympathy for the plight of the victims. As a matter of fact, on this issue as on so many others the Left chooses to peddle suggestions that look good on TV but actually have potentially disastrous ramifications.

Fact: there is no way to effectively vet sixty-five thousand people to ensure that none of them are sympathetic to the radical versions of Islam that are unfortunately far too common in their region of origin. Americans were reminded this week of the dangers of lone wolf radical Islamic sympathizers carrying out attacks in the American homeland. While London mayor Sadiq Khan may think this is no big deal (he called it “part and parcel of living in a big city“), I suspect that Americans may not be amenable to this outlook. While we have compassion for the plight of the refugees, we realize that compassion must be tempered with responsibility. Our responsibility is, first and foremost, to protect our country’s citizens.

Ironically, as David French points out, if conservatives had had their way, the entire refugee crisis might well never have happened. It was President Obama who decided to prematurely withdraw from Iraq, creating a security hole ripe for ISIS to emerge. It was Obama who consistently downplayed the danger of ISIS, and it was he and his administration that for far too long refused to commit consequential resources to stopping the growth of the terror groups that have destabilized the region and created the refugee crisis. Compassion is all well and good, but responsibility allows us to preempt the tragedies before they happen.