While the presidential cycle is in full swing, many people have become captivated by the media covering Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, almost to the point of forgetting about many of the other issues that are being discussed and decided on a daily basis by the federal government. For the week of September 19th, there will be over fifty bills that will be discussed and voted on in Congress including issues ranging from social security amendments to updates regarding the VA. These have been largely ignored by the media and the general public.

While the media focuses on hypothetical scenarios for the potential president to face, the media is shifting attention away from actual issues that are being dealt with by Congress that are being ignored by the public. This year has been one of the most active years for Congress since 1990, having already passed over 30 bills that have been signed into law.

While most people are content with blaming either only the Republicans or the Democrats for being divided, every bill that has been passed and signed into law has been supported by a Republican controlled legislature and signed into law by a Democratic president. While still divided on major issues such as gun control and immigration, the media is giving a false narrative as far as how divided Congress actually is. We see almost violent opposition from both sides of the political aisle over most issues, yet the actual elected officials that are voting on these issues are much less divisive than their constituents would believe.

This feeds into the fact that Congress has an approval rating of around 15%, and with polls showing that the more informed an individual is with Congress, the more dissatisfied they are. Around 66% of the individuals that rated Congress as poor are informed voters. This is also partnered with the fact that only 17% of Americans are very informed about congressional actions.

The media will continue to focus on the presidential election for the next 2 months, ignoring the hundreds of other elections that will be going on around the country. Americans need to be reminded of the many other important elections that are taking place this election cycle and remember that the government does not only consist of the President of the United States.