After the first presidential debate last night, a Facebook friend of mine took the liberty to post the following status:


“Alright I’ve officially decided that if you’re voting for Donald Trump you should just unfriend me right now. I don’t understand how anyone could listen to him and say “yes, that is a sound, rational statement/idea that was relevant to the question.” This is absolutely ridiculous.”

Well, I now have one fewer Facebook friend.

I’m sorry, but are you serious? First of all, welcome to the world of the young conservative. Liberal ideology crowds most of my Facebook newsfeed. I read it, think it’s insane, and then scroll on. Are you that juvenile that you can’t even read a Pro-Trump status on your newsfeed before throwing a temper tantrum on social media? Grow up.

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The only thing “absolutely ridiculous” here is the status itself. Can you not handle listening to/reading different opinions? Doesn’t a challenge to your own beliefs make them stronger?

Don’t get me wrong. I understand how frustrating it is to be bombarded on social media with ideologies that make absolutely no sense to you. You think it’s ridiculous that I support Trump? Don’t even get me started on how ridiculous I think it is that you support Clinton! I, however, would never be rude to someone because of their beliefs or criticize them for it. Unlike many of my liberal counterparts, I actually realize that this is what Freedom of Speech is. When I get angry over the same person excessively posting liberal crap, I simply hide their posts from my newsfeed.

As American citizens, we have the privileged freedom to have different viewpoints. This is what makes America unique and what makes her a beautiful country. I suggest to all Americans, liberals and conservatives alike, that if you cannot be friends with those who have opposing views, perhaps you should consider moving to a different country. I can assure you, you will not be missed.

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