If you’re reading this article, the chances that you’ve encountered a barrage of insults from the left because of your political stances are pretty high, especially if you’re on a college campus. Popular today amongst the Social Justice Warriors (“SJWs”) of college campuses is the “call-out culture,” a method for leftists to prove to each other via social media just how liberal they are. How does one prove their progressiveness, and essentially, their moral superiority to everyone else? By calling out a conservative publicly via social media, lazily referring to him or her as a [insert insulting name here] instead of peacefully engaging.

Don’t get me wrong, not every liberal does this. In fact, most don’t. But the ones that do, however, get the most notoriety on college campuses; they become the “BNOCs,” the “Big Names On Campus.” They become known for repeatedly attempting to tear down the conservative, “status quo,” entitled white students. Unfortunately, these individuals that engage so viciously are electing to represent the large majority of liberal millennials, regardless of whether other members of their population actually agree.

We see it across American college campuses. Recently, a female student at Swarthmore College wrote an article accusing the institution for not being as economically diverse as it claims to be, since some students are surely paying full tuition. She faced outrage from her fellow students who called her a “white bitch,” received a handwritten note saying “kill yourself bitch,” and received a text message from someone saying “I should take your tongue lol,” followed by, “You shouldn’t be able to use it lol.”

Closer to home, a male student at the College of William & Mary wrote an article for The Federalist, the basic argument being that it is backwards for fraternities and sororities to include transgender individuals as members, seeing as historically these organizations extended membership on the basis of sex. Fellow students responded aggressively on Facebook, referring to this student as a “closeted homosexual,” “human garbage,” a “disgusting individual,” and one student even going so far as to say, “Drag him, drag him by the scalp.”

Another female student at William & Mary wrote an article in response to the vitriol. Although she completely disagreed with the content of his article, this student argued that “Social justice liberals preach a gospel of tolerance and care, but that grace is not extended to many of us – myself often included.”

Because she called out a student for the “drag him by the scalp” comment, she met a barrage of angry Tweets claiming that the phrase is part of a common minority slang, and therefore, she is now not only a racist, but of course, a “bitch” as well. Yet interestingly enough, Google searching the phrase “drag him by the scalp” brings up a barrage of descriptions of books about Native American warfare, and a similar Twitter search reveals only seven – I repeat, seven – tweets using the phrase from the years 2012 to 2016.

drag him by the scalp


So, how do we fight this campus toxicity? We continue to speak up. We continue holding to our principles, and we continue engaging respectfully. We don’t stoop down to their level of useless, counterproductive name-calling. We do our research. You want to win hearts and minds? You have to be respectful. You’re not going to win all of them, but at least you can be proud of the way you treat others.