If Donald Trump were to win, who would be the person most responsible for his victory? How about Justice Anthony Kennedy?

Considering that both our presidential front-runners are two of the most disliked individuals in the public eye, it kinda makes sense that the contest is a close one. “Clinton, Trump running neck-and-neck in new national poll,” a Politico headline proclaims. A recent Bloomberg poll has them within one percentage point of each other in the swing state of North Carolina, while in Ohio some estimates have the would-be presidents within one-tenth of a percentage point. Hillary is widely (and accurately) viewed as corrupt, but Trump, as I am sure we are all aware, has his own issues, not least of which is the wide amount of dislike and distrust he has amongst the GOP base. Various factions of the Republican coalition, such as much of the intellectual wing of the GOP, many diehard conservative Ted Cruz fans, and many deeply religious Christians remain wary, suspicious, and unenthused of the Republican candidate, if not outright hostile. Many prominent Republicans have announced their refusal to support him.

Hillary Clinton seems to understand this, and, according to many reports, is attempting to court these unusual allies. As a matter of fact, a quick visit to the site “Republicans Against Trump” (anyone want a bumper sticker?) reveals a “Paid for by Hillary for America” notice at the bottom of the webpage. While, admittedly, the ranks of pro-Clinton Republicans will most likely be rather sparse, in such a close race small amounts of voters can make all the difference. For the most part, though, and no doubt to Hillary’s chagrin, conservatives appear to have closed ranks around the GOP nominee, however reluctantly.

And therein lies the rub. Ironically, it is precisely liberal overreach that hobbles their chances of capturing anti-Trumpists. What is the most prominent reason many of these conservatives are reluctantly embracing Trump? As it seems to me from my admittedly anecdotal impressions and as confirmed from the public statements of popular conservative figures, it is the fear of Supreme Court overreach.

In the liberal view, the law is transformed into nothing but a tool with which to foist the liberal agenda on the public whether they like it or not. Say what you wish about Obamacare, at least it was passed through the normal democratic process. The same cannot be said for decisions such as Obergefell v. Hodges, Roe v. Wade, or any other of the disastrous “democracy-be-damned” liberal fiats disguised as legal opinions engineered by the left wing of the Court. It is they, more than any others, who provide reluctant conservatives with the most eloquent argument in favor of casting a Trump ballot.