Picture, for a moment, what the reaction to this scenario would be. Leaked emails reveal that senior Republican advisors and operatives derided the “severely backwards” regressive theology, referring to its institutional structures as “a middle ages dictatorship,” and called for party officials to help create a revolution in Islamic thought. What do you think the reaction would be? Undoubtedly, the revelations would quickly become grist for the breaking-news mills. Democratic spokesmen would condemn the emails in the strongest terms and call on their “fellow Republicans and Americans” to disavow what would be  termed Islamaphobic, un-American sentiments.

Of course, all this did indeed happen. Except it was Democrats, not Republicans, and the religious tradition in question was Catholicism, not Islam. In emails between Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta,  campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri, and John Halpin, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress (a liberal think tank started in part by Mr. Podesta), Halpin suggested that conservative Catholics were attracted to Catholicism’s “severely backwards gender relations.” In another email, Sandy Newman, founder of the liberal organization Voices for Progress (interjection: am I the only one musing at the irony of the founder of “Voices for Progress” regressing to the old trope of Catholic-phobia?) suggested the need for a Democrat-organized “Catholic Spring” to end the “middle ages dictatorship” of the Church. The reaction has been, well, muted.

Why is it, indeed, that the left is more than ready to deride Catholics and Evangelicals but oh-so-reticent to criticize anything to do with Islam? Of course, the fact that conservative Christians are, practically, the largest group of those in the West itself still opposed to the liberal cultural agenda might explain it. I would submit, however, that there is an additional reason. Many liberals are, in fact, truly racist. They can understand that the “unenlightened foreigners,” who have yet to be exposed to the secular vision of liberal Heaven, may still retain antiquated beliefs. For them, a polite, patronizing attitude. But, that Christians living in the West in the post-Sexual and post-Cultural liberal Revolutions, can still reject and resist the liberal vision; such a reaction is to them utterly incomprehensible and offensive, and, thus, fully deserving of vitriol and censure.