During part of the final debate, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of being Vladimir Putin’s puppet. Trump denied this, but has returned fire by claiming that, if he loses, it is because of election rigging.

Mrs. Clinton and President Obama have evinced a great concern for the purity of our democratic process. According to them, our electoral process is meant to elect the best person to office without the interference of foreign agents. But thanks to John Podesta’s emails and other sources, the true views of Progressives on the sacredness of elections has been exposed.

It has become clear that the Democratic National Convention handed the party’s nomination to Hillary, cheating in order to ensure that Sanders lost. It might be objected that this is just the nomination, not a full election. A report by the Brennan Center pooh-poohed concerns of election rigging or vote fraud: “The allegations simply do not pan out.”

Despite this, serious cases of voter fraud and election manipulation still happen.  Author Seymour Hersh recounts in his damning book, The Dark Side of Camelot, how Joseph P. Kennedy bought the election for his son, John F. Kennedy. Further, Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation reminds us in a 2008 article about the Daley political machine in Chicago.  In the early 1980s, the Daley machine which engaged in massive-scale voter fraud to keep democrats in power, casting as many as 100,000 fraudulent ballots. These cases speak volumes about the willingness of Democrats to do whatever they must to win an election.

The Democrats’ lust for power continues today.

Alan Schulkin, a Democratic representative from Manhattan–who also serves on Manhattan’s election board–gave strong evidence of the present corruption of his party.  He remarked on camera that, in some neighborhoods, people are bussed around to voting stations. He went on to say that, “There’s a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud.”

The recent videos released by Project Veritas, James O’Keefe’s undercover reporting organization, has revealed modern-day corruption as well.  In the first of three videos, Scott Foval, the National Field Director for Americans United for Change, is heard to say, “it doesn’t matter what the legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf*cker.” In their second video, Foval is caught saying, “You know what, we’ve been bussing people in to deal with you f*ckin’ *ssholes for fifty years and we’re not going to stop now, we’re just going to find a different way to do it.”  In the third video, however, the Democrats actually follow through on their threats.  O’Keefe shows how the Clinton campaign may have actually engaged in illegal coordination with organizing groups in order to create anti-Republican publicity stunts and bait violence at rallies.

Democrats generally oppose measures that would encourage a cleaner electoral process. Why they oppose these measures is not hard to see: evidence shows that they care little for the elections, and more for winning at any cost.

Corruption of the democratic process, election fraud, and similar tactics may be the province of an Alinskyite Left, but they also must be blamed partly on the GOP.  The Heritage Foundation has compiled a list of sample cases of voter fraud, and many were committed either by Republicans or as a part of Republican primaries. Last year, this writer listened to an activist in Colorado recount how she had witnessed GOP poll watchers allow voter fraud–and did nothing to stop it.

Even though the Democrats may be dishonest, the GOP cannot be wholly trusted to keep the Democrats honest.  To anyone in power who says, “trust us,” our response should be, “give us reason to.” Our rulers will not allow the electoral process to go against them. We must challenge their corruptions at every turn.