Just in case you thought 2016 could not get any stranger, last Friday proved you wrong.  The revelation that the FBI had reopened its investigation sent shock waves throughout the country.

Disgraced former New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner is under FBI investigation for sending sexually suggestive messages to a teenage girl.  During that investigation, FBI officials found emails relevant to Hillary Clinton and her emails.  The FBI has obtained a warrant to go through 650,000 emails found on Weiner’s computer.  FBI Director James Comey notified Congress that the FBI was again looking into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s confidant and Weiner’s estranged wife, swore under oath that she had turned over all devices relevant to the investigation.  That turned out to be untrue.  She also claims to be surprised that Weiner’s laptop contained her emails, despite occasionally sharing the laptop in question.

Democrats immediately started lashing out at Comey.  Harry Reid, who still is proud of himself for lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes, stated that Comey may have violated the Hatch Act.  Loretta Lynch, who was seen on a runway to talking to Bill Clinton during the initial investigation, also objected to the letter.

Democrats are more upset at Comey, who they loved up until last Friday, then they are at the fact that their anointed candidate put state secrets on a server in a bathroom closet.  Comey was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Democrats are claiming he is taking sides in the election by releasing the information now, but release it after the election and it looks like he withheld it to help Clinton.

The FBI has been in an internal feud over the Bureau’s handling of the case.  It got so bad, The Daily Mail reports that resignation letters were starting to pile up on Comey’s desk.  The Justice Department also shut down the FBI’s public integrity unit’s desire to criminally investigate the Clinton Foundation.  Other areas of concern for the FBI include Peter Kadzik.  Kadzik is the Justice Department official overseeing the investigation.  Kadzik also has close ties to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.   He also sent a “Heads Up” e-mail to Podesta when Congress was investigating the matter.  Perhaps, most damaging, Kadzik donated to a Hillary Clinton PAC in 2006.  He also made two contributions to Hillary’s failed campaign in 2008.

Comey dug himself his current hole by letting Hillary Clinton skate free the first time.  Democrats dug themselves a hole by nominating someone under FBI investigation, they cannot blame Comey for that.  Huma Abedin would also appear to be facing some problems of her own.  All of these new revelations were brought to light because Anthony Weiner cannot keep his pants on when given a camera.