The American people have chosen Donald J. Trump as the next President of the American Republic. After the most interesting and exhausting campaign in recent American history, we are left a moment to rejoice at the loss of Hillary Clinton. Whatever we may think of President Elect Trump, we must be happy that the Clintons will no longer darken the doors of the White House.

What happens next?

This writer, and many others, are left asking this question as we enter unknown territory. The last time we elected a man with no prior political experience was the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. Trump is no Eisenhower, so let us hope he enjoys golf less than Dwight did. Trump is also far more volatile than the relatively sedate Eisenhower.

We may not know precisely what four years of President Trump will bring. But I would humbly submit the following as things we can confidently look forward to:


Look forward to the rage of the Left, as they desperately explain how Felonia von Pantsuit was so soundly beaten by a carnival barker with a bad tan. Already, pollsters are scratching their heads asking: how did the pollsters get this one wrong? I wonder that one too. Could it be that people are more than mathematical models? This election ended up like Brexit, pollsters were wrong then too.

The Left will most likely continue smearing Donald Trump. BBC has already posted a list of “30 Things the Republican Believes” as a highlight reel of his worst campaign moments. And to be honest, there is a great deal of material for liberals to work with. Trump is by far the most colorful personality to become President in ages.

The Race Card

Look forward more accusations of racism. Already, former Obama adviser Van Jones is saying that, “This was a whitelash against a changing country. It was a whitelash against a black president, in part.” He also called us to ‘talk about’ race as an issue in this election. Take a hike Mr. Jones. But much as we may wish that race-fixated Leftists would go away, they’re about to go into overdrive.

Everyone who voted Trump–or is suspected of supporting him–could be branded as one of the “army of Neanderthals” and racists that he succeeded in amassing to win his victory.

Prophecies of Doom

Look forward to hyperbolic hand wringing over Trump’s presidency. A woman at Clinton campaign HQ, giving her name as Margarita, said that “Our lives are not safe — as queer women, as brown women.” Trump as Right Wing Boogeyman is a canard that has just started it’s life as a leitmotif of the Left.

We’ll likely see an outbreak of a new cultural disease: Trump Derangement Syndrome. Like it’s epidemiological friend, Bush Derangement Syndrome, TDS is the result of a non-Democrat holding power. Look for hysterical shrieking at the mention of the name “Trump” along with accusations of ignorance, racism and xenophobia.

Academia will get on this train, as well. Shelves of books will describe how America under Trump is truly fascistic. Already, “fascism” is being reported as the most searched word on Merriam-Webster Dictionary page. Trump may be unpleasant, but I doubt he’ll prove as evil as Mussolini.

Celebrities Mourning

More celebrities will make fools of themselves. Madonna, long past her expired-by date, whined that, “The whole world is laughing at us,” while pleading with Americans to ignore the email scandal. Other Hollywood stars have sworn to leave the US if Trump won.

I doubt we’ll be seeing Bryan Cranston or Miley Cyrus leave the country any time soon. Hollywood’s beautiful people made similar declarations in 2004, when Bush won.

… A Fight for Smaller Government?

Ezra Klein at Vox is already warning that “There is danger in Trump.”

While that may be true, the irony should not be lost on conservatives.  Klein and the rest of his ilk had no issue with President Obama rewriting immigration law via executive order or violating bankruptcy law to favor his union allies.  But now that the tables have turned, the left will call for American institutions to restrain Donald Trump

* * *

And above all, I look forward to seeing how President Trump will use this unique opportunity he’s been handed by the American people.

Trump may, at best, accomplish a few things of worth to conservatives. He may nominate an Originalist to the Supreme Court, get a handle on our borders, serve to defend our nation from attack, and bring some parts of the Federal government to heel. But whether we should hope for even these basic things from Trump remains to be seen.

One thing is certain: America is in for a wild ride as of January 21, 2016.  God save the Republic.