A poor reporting narrative was instrumental in the mainstream media’s failure to predict the election outcome. Pundits would ask where all the smart people went without having the intention to provide an answer.  The cliché “the lesser of two evils” was overplayed, and all the assumptions that came with it hid the real state of the race.

Well, the system gave us Clinton and Trump for a reason.

Where was everyone else?

Why were we stuck with Trump and Clinton?  In truth, the geniuses were off either building companies, doing charity work in the third world, or educating young people. (Unless you were Bill Gates, who was doing all of those things at once.) And, depending on your political persuasions, some geniuses were blogging.

Alas, if Clinton and Trump were underwhelming as candidates, it was because the free enterprise system demanded that other valuable people be doing something else. After all, The Don only entered politics after creating an empire of his own.

Why did Clinton lose?

Both candidates delivered something to their support base. Clinton’s loss may have been due to the sea of uncertainty surrounding several major criminal allegations. It was probably because America was stuck at cruising altitude with the Obama Administration, and a Clinton win would merely have been a changing of the pilot. For many Americans, that was unacceptable. Hey, they pay their taxes; you’ve got to give it to them that they have some say in the matter.

Why did Trump win?

Trump won with a resume of locker room slurs, blue-collar vernacular, and brutal honesty. He won because that persona was missing from the established political elite. Like it or not, he was the voice of the voiceless.

This election was not about policy, diplomacy or even reasonable argument. Both candidates slipped up in those areas. It was about the vast gap in the middle of America, both literally and metaphorically. And the candidacy was the perfect example of the free market in action.

It’s OK.

Many predict that America will prosper from having Trump in the White House. If you’re concerned that he’s a bit of a curmudgeon regarding climate change, worry not, because the advisers do a lot of the work. Trump will be a figurehead, and millions of people won’t notice his importance for ten to twenty years.