Today, there’s a great deal of misunderstanding of the positions on the political spectrum, namely the left and right wings.

Decades ago, the left wing of the western world pushed for freedom of speech, religion, sexuality and opportunity. Nowadays, those classical liberal views are largely sneered at by the new age left. Why? Wasn’t the whole genesis of liberalism … liberty?

We have confirmed liberal, renowned author Sam Harris, taking a fact- and reason-driven approach to the issue of Islamic extremism and left wing journalists are clearly implying his racism. In the case of filmmaker Ben Affleck, he’s explicitly being called racist. Now, Islam is not a race, so criticism of it cannot by definition be racist. Nevertheless, Harris exercises liberal principles when he talks about issues in terms of statistics and facts. It doesn’t take Alan Turing to see the hypocrisy in this. Flip over to the right hand side of the spectrum, and Milo Yiannopoulos, outspoken provocateur, is about as perplexing to his opponents as time travel. He’s a conservative; make no mistake. But what he fights for, in summary, are freedom of speech and the death of political correctness. Can’t we agree that, together, those two values are the hallmark of left wing ideology? The gray area in the political spectrum is in play here: people don’t seem to have historical literacy surrounding the definitions they’re throwing about.

It seems the only people in our society who are correctly politically identified are Ted Cruz and Taylor Swift. Everyone else, you’re up for some career-ending accusations if you’re caught obeying the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

If you’re after a crude rule of thumb, here’s one. Left wing proponents tend to advocate a collectivist mentality whereby the community is served by the individuals. Right wing proponents tend to advocate more individual responsibility. There is a lot more to it, and everyone, please do read up.