Russia is bombing Aleppo to bits again, but the internet decided to turn its nearly undivided attention this weekend to “Hamilton-Gate.” This refers to Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s appearance at the widely acclaimed Broadway musical “Hamilton: An American Musical” on Friday evening.

After the show ended, the cast halted their bows. Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Vice President Aaron Burr, delivered a statement to Pence on the acting community’s feelings about the new administration in which he is to serve. You can read the full statement here.

It sounds rather innocuous, right? Pence himself said that he wasn’t offended, but that didn’t matter. Both sides pounced on this like a lion on a zebra.  And, since Kellyanne Conway gave Donald Trump his Twitter account back, Trump himself also jumped online to protest the cast’s “harassment” of Pence at the theater.

I’d hardly call it harassment, but Trump has a point. What the cast of Hamilton did was tacky at best, and smug at worst. Nobody should go to the theater and be afraid of getting called out. That’s what roasts and audience participation are for.

As for the left, they jeered at Trump’s response and mocked conservatives’ outrage. I don’t think they have much ground here. If they took it as a time to open an honest conversation with those of us on the right, that would be one thing. But, being the left, they took it as an opportunity to make blanket statements about racism and bigotry on the right. The sad part is that none of this was necessary.

As conservatives, we’re going to have to deal with the bias. Celebrities and the media are going to double down on their name-calling, black-listing ways.

Of all the reactions to Hamilton-gate, I have to say Mike Pence’s was the best. Through the negative spotlight and booing, Pence nudged his kids and reminded them that “this is what freedom sounds like.” Let’s follow his example and get back to what really matters.