That’s what one Democrat insider told The Hill this week.  

This official was speaking ahead of a Colorado summit to determine the future leadership of the DNC, as Democrats are still trying to ascertain exactly how they lost in the general election – and how they lost so badly.

It is a well-known fact that Democrats have built what is perhaps the greatest get-out-the-vote machine in the world. Armed with iPads and data, their system, built in part by Google’s Eric Schmidt, sends volunteers – thousands of them – door-to-door for months, from the primaries through the general election, registering 18-year olds to vote while delivering a pitch for Democrat candidates at every level of government.

Compare this to Republicans who often send canvassers out with clipboards and paper.

The Democrat machine was poised for what was widely regarded to be a walk-away victory for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, including a potential recapture of the U.S. Senate majority.  After all, Clinton out-fundraised and outspent Trump by more than a 2 to 1 margin.  To this point, most politicos and analysts had agreed that the candidate who spent more money was likely to win the election.

But they were oh, so wrong.  

In the post-mortem of the Clinton campaign, the Democrats are struggling to find their identity.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who represents the progressive, liberal, wealthy, east-and-west coast Democrats, faced off against Tim Ryan, a blue-collar, centrist Democrat. And Pelosi won. Again.

This competition was a perfect illustration of the divides in the Democrat Party.  

Many have theorized that the middle-class, so-called “Blue Wall” voters that unexpectedly chose Trump did so because he promised economic prosperity.  And in many cases, this may be true.  But there’s a secondary school of thought on this shift that many progressives cannot or will not wrap their heads around.  Perhaps those blue-collar voters, the ones who go to work every day, take care of their neighbors, watch sports on Saturday, and find themselves in a church pew on Sunday didn’t much care for eight years of elitist liberals shoving progressive values down their throats while inciting others to label them as ignorant bigots and homophobes.

In the eight years that Barack Obama served as president, the government mandated a redefinition (or ‘undefinition‘) of marriage, expanded and promoted funding for abortions, pushed transgenderism on children in public schools and their parents, exacerbated racial divides in our nation, undermined the honor and duty of law enforcement, and failed to take care of veterans.  

It’s honestly a challenge to see anything that the Administration did well.  

The issues that normal, average, everyday people encountered on a daily basis – taxes, jobs, and education – were put on the back burner in favor of radical social changes that directly impacted a very, very small subset of the population. 

Democrats had eight years to engineer and implement their agendas, and they more or less did, through executive orders.  

But they failed to accomplish the solutions that the majority of Americans needed most. They didn’t fix high insurance premiums — in fact, they made them worse.  They didn’t create more jobs; instead, those jobs fled to other countries.

But at least the 2.3% of Americans who claim to be gay or lesbian can all marry each other.

What a joke.

Blame a gridlock in Congress all you want, but good leaders with compelling agendas find a way to compromise and put them into practice.  The Democrats failed to do that, and the American people rebuked them for it.